Oct 27, 2011


This site replaces the old Elucidations.us arts site. Interviews from there will be transferred here. Because this upkeep is much simpler, and easier to share with others, look forward to more interviews with indie artists, plus reviews, essays, and features.

The site is family friendly. Any links to adult-natured content will be marked.

All writing here will be done by independent writers and other independent artists, published and not. Content will be supervised by staff, but all work remains property and responsibility of its author.

Have an indie author you'd like to see highlighted here? Leave contact info (website, etc) in the comments. Don't leave private info such as non-business email addresses. This is available for public viewing. No self promo, please.

Enjoy! And support your local indies!


  1. Oh, I'm your first follower. How about that? This site is pretty, I do agree. And I think you'll do well once you get rolling. Good luck..Celia

  2. Hi Loraine, very interesting blog. I bet you'll have a lot of guest bloggers, me included.

  3. Hi Loraine! What a fun site. I am particularly drawn to your background which is truly a beautiful rendition of greens. I like that you say right up fron that your site is family friendly. So often sites have adult content. Kids should be encouraged to explore the arts and publishing, and that's what Elucidate does. Bravo! Maggie

  4. Celia, Mona, and Maggie, thanks so much for coming by!